Circuits Plus Pte Ltd (“CPS”) was established as one of the pioneers in PCB production in Singapore.
CPS progressed into the production of double-sided PCB.
Commenced production of multi-layered PCB.
Sep 1995
CPS was ISO 9001 certified.
Feb 1996
Formed a joint venture with Nihon Micron Co. Ltd of Japan to incorporate Nihon Micron Plus to work on the high-end printed circuit boards, such as the BGA, multi-chip module (MCM) and Chip-Scale-Packages (CSP).
Apr 1996
Acquired another PCB factory in Johor, Malaysia, which is the first high grade multi-layered PCB manufacturer (up to 14-layer) in Malaysia. The company was renamed Circuits Plus (M) Sdn. Bhd.(“CPM”)
Jul 1997
Invited as participant in GINTIC research institute.
Jan 1998
Circuits Plus (M) Sdn. Bhd. was awarded ISO 9001 certificate.
Jan 1999
Circuits Plus Holdings Ltd, incorporated as the holding company of the Circuits Plus Group of companies, was successfully listed on SESDAQ on 18 Jan 99.
May 2008
Circuits Plus (M) Sdn. Bhd. was awarded ISO 14001.
Aug 2008
Circuits Plus Holdings Ltd changed its name to CPH Ltd.
Sep 2010
CPH Ltd. acquired 25% of Joy Garden Restaurant Pte Ltd. The Group seeks potential growth opportunity and diversification as a means to grow its earnings base.
Mar 2011
Conducted a major upgrading of its plant and equipment in its Malaysia factory.
Oct 2011
CPH Ltd. invested 51.5% in Qian Xi (Chongqing) Pte Ltd which owned Cheer Garden Food and Beverage Co. Ltd in Chongqing, PRC. Cheer Garden’s restaurant in Chongqing commenced business in October 2011.